How To Stop Border Collie Puppies From Chewing

Border collie puppies will chew anything and everything they can get their little mouths around.  Nothing in your home is safe from their mini razor teeth unless it is placed on a high shelf, locked in a cupboard or behind a closed door.  You will be amazed at how fast they can tear through a full wardrobe, a book collection, a couch and any piece of wooden furniture or plastic item.

Does this mean I should keep border collie puppies locked up until they are over their chewing phase?  Continue reading How To Stop Border Collie Puppies From Chewing

More Fun Border Collie Dog Training – The Frisbee

Border collie dog training doesn’t only have to be about commanding a dog to perform the usual obedience – sit, stay, down, come – you can also teach a canine tricks, such as “roll over”, “play dead” and “fetch”.   The more things a pooch can learn, the better you will stimulate his mind Continue reading More Fun Border Collie Dog Training – The Frisbee

Border Collie Training – Agility

Border collie training is an absolute must unless you want a destructive and dangerously out-of-control pet.  This breed, in particular, does best when they are provided with extensive training as they are incredibly intelligent, are bursting with energy and need something to do.  They don’t enjoy being idle for long periods and will find other not-so-pleasant means of entertaining themselves if not given the proper direction. Continue reading Border Collie Training – Agility

Adopting From A Border Collie Rescue Centre – All You Need To Know

A border collie rescue is a great place to go if you want to adopt an older dog and give him a second chance.   However, if you have never owned this breed before, having this particular pooch as a pet may not be in the best interests of you, your family or the border collie.  Why? This is not your average canine. Continue reading Adopting From A Border Collie Rescue Centre – All You Need To Know

Introducing Your Border Collie Puppy To His First Car Ride

Your border collie puppy will find some new experiences exciting and others frightening.  On the whole, dogs are very sensitive to change and when they are puppies the world can be a very scary place until it becomes familiar.  Therefore, if you intend to take your pet on car rides, you should introduce him to this adventure while he is still Continue reading Introducing Your Border Collie Puppy To His First Car Ride

Border Collie Dogs And Children

Are border collie dogs good with children?  This is a common question that is often asked by families who are considering obtaining this breed as a pet.  However, this is not an easy question to answer because many factors will determine a yes or no response.  Continue reading Border Collie Dogs And Children

Basics Of Border Collie Care

Border collie care is not a difficult task and can easily be managed if you make this a regular part of your pet’s lifestyle.  Grooming your sheepdog doesn’t only make him look nice but it also benefits his health and wellbeing.  This is because when you groom a canine you don’t simply run a brush through their coat once a week, you also clean their ears, trim their nails, brush their teeth and give them the occasional bath.

The following is a breakdown of the type of equipment you need for border collie care, and how often each task needs to be done:

Brushing – There are two coat types that a border-collie may have.  The first has sleek and relatively short fur, while the second has thick and course hair that can grow as long as three inches.  Both coats should be brushed often to help reduce shedding and move oils through the dog’s skin to keep the flesh moist and healthy.  That said, the longer haired variety should be brushed daily to ensure their fur stays free from knots.  Ideal tools include: steel pin and/or bristle hair brush and steel comb.

Nail trimming – As part of your regular border collie care routine, have your pet’s nails clipped once per month.  If you have difficulty performing this task yourself take him to a professional groomer or have your vet do it.  Tools that you can use for clippings are: scissor-style, guillotine-style or plier-style dog nail clippers.  In addition, you may also want to obtain a doggie nail file to round sharp edges and a canine solution that helps to clot blood in case you accidentally cut the quick.

Ear cleaning – Once every two weeks you should take a peek inside your pooch’s ears to make sure they are healthy.  Smell them for any strange foul odor, and pluck out some of the hairs by quickly pulling with your fingers to prevent hair from becoming matted, which can plug the ears and cause infections.  Do not stick a Q-tip inside your collie’s ear to collect wax.  If you notice wax on the surface simply use a clean, soft damp cloth to wipe the area.

Tooth brushing – Every few days you need to incorporate teeth brushing into your border collie care regimen.  Use a soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs.  Be sure to pay special attention to their back teeth where plaque tends to buildup.  Oral hygiene is very important because you don’t want your dog suffering the symptoms of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Bathing – Only bathe your border collie when it is absolutely necessary and refrain from washing him at all during the cold winter months.  On average, this breed should not be washed more than twice per year and a dry shampoo is often recommended.  To bathe your pal you should use tepid water, and shampoo and conditioner made especially for dogs.  Never use human hair care products on your animal as this could lead to serious skin problems.

As you can see, border collie care is really quite simple and not a time consuming process if done on a regular basis.  Therefore, instead of looking at the grooming process as a chore, make it a positive bonding experience for you and your companion.